Sunday , April 11 2021

Wife said that to do more, so in the production of Shimul Khan –

Shimul Khan Motion Pictures, the first full moon of the flag on the banner
He said the movie will be made.

Shimul Khan said at a press conference on Thursday evening, Jewel Runner
The filmmaker Camelia has played the role of "Man & # 39; in the script, the direction and the editing
Many people, like Ranga, hero Omar Malik will also perform in this movie. The movie
Naveed Parvez, acting as music director

Eid-ul-Fitr releases this film dedicated to & # 39; Tiger & Preservatives & # 39;
Work is under way Thursday afternoon, at 7:00 pm, the YouTube channel of Live Technologies
The first aspect of & # 39; Human & # 39; will be published.

Responding to the question of why he came to production, Shimul Khan said: "Bodyguard Films"
From the beginning of my career as an actor, I had a great desire, I am an international standard
Being a film actor, as well as being a high quality film producer
The cinema of Bangladesh will be working in the business, the market and the country and abroad to promote it.

"For many years my wife Sheikh Sushmita Khan told me in the movie
As well as acting, do any other business. But my group of blood
Positive movie! I know nothing more than the 24-hour movie, and I do not understand and I do not understand
Acting in the film is my only profession. So I think the business is what I understand
I do it. "

Shimul Khan, who has fallen into a great party with the bodyguard movie, has so far been 47
Acting in the movie. Now, film with money to buy personal product cars
He said it was going to be produced.

Jewel producer Jewel Rana said at a press conference, love
An unexpected accident was born between a married couple and a horrible series
Slaughters As a result, the whole story brings all the story to the end, it's an amazing one
Situation Finally, the reality of learning appears.

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