Friday , August 12 2022

Women's team of Bangladesh at the second match of the World Cup


Sports Desk | November 13, 018, Tuesday, 11:20

After winning the Asian Cup, the T-20 series won Ireland. After that, the female cricket team in Bangladesh, one of the best at the World Cup selection stage, is completely unconscious at the women's T20 World Championship. In the first match of Asha, West Indies lost the second match against 60 points in West Indies in the second match of Salma-Romanaar In the second match of Group A, the women's team of Bangladesh won 7 ticket in the rain against the strong England. The English women's team won with 39 balls. England won the football and decided to place it first. But at the beginning, the red-green jersey was disturbed by red-green jerseys. Opener Sharmin Sultan (0) returned to the team. Farjana Huk (0) returned only one run to the team. Another opener, Aiesha Rahman, I fought, continued to win the match. If four players were fined for zero, then the result for Bangladesh was 6 for 53 runs. From here, Jahanar Alam scored scintillating 12 races in 7 balls by 76 runs for 9 tickets in 20 breaks. Cristi Gordon took only 3 tickets for England. In addition, Natalie Skiver, Ana Svraussol, Linsea Smith and Sophie Ekleleton took every career. It was not easy for England to play with this goal easily. Opener Danil Vet After losing 13 venues and 51 races for two races, England did not get the momentum to win. But the rain interrupted 64 runs. However, England was ahead of the team with VAC and Levis 7 winnings that England won. Salma Khatun took 2 tickets to Bangladesh Khadija Kula Kubra took one career

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