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Zahir Raihan disappeared 47 years ago

One of the most talented directors of the film, the renowned romanist and narrator of stories Zaheer Raihan, on his birthday number 47 (January 30, 2015). On this day of 1972, he disappeared at age 36. The bodies of the intellectual martyr Shahidullah Kaiser did not return home after searching the dead body of Mirpur.

Zahir Raihan was born on August 19, 1935 in the village of Mazupur, in the current district of Feni. Surname Abu Aader Mohammad Zahirullah. The great brother, literary journalist Shahidullah Kaiser, was kidnapped by forces of Al-Badr at the time of independence.

Jahir Raihan found his missing brother on January 30, 1972, after going to the Mirpur area and could not be found.

He began his journalistic career with the writing in Khapagraa magazine. After working in different media. In 1957, he became Deputy Director of the film Jago Hua Sabera. In 1964, he created Sangam & # 39 ;, the first Urdu-colored film in Pakistan. His remarkable novels, such as "Ice Gul", "Last dinner girl", "How many days", "set", "thousand years", etc.

Zaheer Raihan said: "Life, making a" glass wall, "" Stopping genocide "continues to be a milestone in the films of Bangladesh. He was a soloist and wrestler. I loved the Va use art as a tool to increase the struggle for the tribulation of people's lives.

Stop Genocide, the genocide documentary of Pakistani occupation forces in Bangladesh It was found that he worked on photo production and management. His productions are made from a mind like a wife, julekha, two brothers, family, end and revenge.


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