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07:53 – Mbape to AFP: "I did everything I could" to win Ballon d'Or


"I did everything in my power to win the Golden Ball," Kilian Mbappe told AFP on the eve of voting on the 200th anniversary of voting on December 3.

If he admits that "nobody is better for a moment" than stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the 19-year-old French world champion, "do not think one of them will win Ballon d'Or this year", in an interview on the margins of formalizing its partnership with the Hublot brand, on Thursday in Paris.

Q: Do you think that your incredible year, marked by the world title in Russia, will end Ballon d? Or?

A: "I do not know, in any case, I put all the ingredients on my side to conquer it, I did everything I can, then I can not vote for people (I laugh) But I did everything in my power until the last day of voting , so that's it, there will be no regrets, everything that will happen is a bonus, I think I can be better than last year, and that's the goal every time we always make progress, from year to year, every time it's as much as possible. "

Q: What will affect your thinking?

A: "I think the Golden Ball is playing at the main moments of the year, we are in the World Cup, so the World Cup will certainly have weight. I still have a good start to the season, so we'll see how it will be."

Q: Do you think, for example, that your double against Argentina's Lionel Messi will mark the ghosts in Round 16 (4-3) of the World Cup?

A: "Before my performance, it's a game that will be played in history no matter what happens – a score of 4-3, Argentine Lionel Messi, one of the best players of all time, France that wins the world cup behind … A lot things that make a spectacular match, the goal of Benjamin Pavar (also). After that, personally, the truth is that I had the opportunity to make a history with this meeting and I think it will remain in the anali. "

– "Nobody does better" than Messi and Ronald –

Q: Will the decade of domination of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo finish in 2018?

A: "No, because the end will be when someone has a better effect, no one is better now (laughs)!"

Q: Really?

A: "I do not think that one of them will win the Golden Ball this year because it was the World Cup and the World Cup takes precedence, but if you take a player in the country clean, it's not even better, this year were still the best Messi best European shooter, Ronaldo's best scorer in the Champions League … "

Q: So, the French will have it?

R: "Honestly, I hope we did something great, it would not be unfair, because it's a strong word, but it would be a pity if the French do not get it. History and it would be nice if it was awarded."

Q: You just signed the first sponsorship contract (excluding the equipment manufacturer) for your career with Hublot. Are the initials "KM" becoming a stronger brand than the "CR7" in the term?

A: "I do not know because + CR7 + (nickname and mark of Cristiano Ronaldo, ed) is a great deal, he managed to build his brand and become international. Not at this stage, I develop a little, develops slightly, I said, repeat , it will pass through the country. "

Q: Some foreign press, brands that dream of you … Do you realize that in your 19 years you have become an international icon?

A: "Realizing that, and not because I do not control everything that has been done, so it's a footballer, there is a terrain, but everything around him must not be easy, but I learn, I still learn, I have people around me who I they help me overcome the challenges one by one. "

Q: You still have a career in front of you. What are you dreaming of winning?

A: "All the world cups I can play! We played to win, if we play four, I want to win four." "I have to go one step at a time." "I've already won and we have to prepare and win with our club with a selection too." goals before thinking about 2022. But the record is always a victory. "

Interview with Jassina KHIRI.

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