Saturday , July 24 2021

“11,400,000 Belgians against 37,840 police. We are 300 times more numerous than repression “

This Thursday evening, from 6 pm, about 200 people gathered in the Place du Marché in Liège to demand more freedoms during this period of pandemic. Coffee makers from Namur, Carolos and Liège attended, including the manager of the Brasserie Curtius in Liège and Pierre Demarteau, the manager of “P’tit Bougnat” in Roture. They hope to be confident in the next consultation commission that they will be able to reopen their Horeca establishments on the first of May. Because wool socks are very thin!

Others denounced the overly strict health measures taken by the federal government. The demonstration took place peacefully, under discreet police surveillance. There were always 200 people in the Market Square with comings and goings. A kind of giant snack in the open air, à la Liégeoise and in a cozy atmosphere, with some music and a few dances. Some signs branded with the words “11,400,000 Belgians against 37,840 policemen. We are 300 times more numerous than repression.

The demonstration broke quietly around two-thirty in the evening.

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