Monday , May 10 2021

23:37 – An explosion at a Vandru company, part of the fall building

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in BRUSSELS (Belgium)

The walls of the company's building in Vandre, in the province of Liège, were broken and part of the building collapsed, the fire fighters Liège said on Thursday night. Soon there will be an explosion, probably a mill. On Thursday, it was near 21:00, when it was reported that the mill, which was located at Recidel, a recycling company located in Vandru, exploded. The shock then caused cracks in the walls of the building, some of which were knocked down. He quickly got in touch, the Liegea firefighters went on the lookout to control the situation and help the workers who worked during the incident. Despite numerous material damage, workers are safe and healthy. None of them were hurt. (Belga)

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