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a good blow (back)


24 hours later, a return to the announcement that boosted Belgian soccer yesterday: the return of Vincent Kompany Anderlecht.

1. The commotion and the moment

In the media, we can speak of a masterful blow, skillfully orchestrated for many weeks. A communication on several occasions: a first Facebook Facebook message to announce his departure from Manchester City, an hour's wait, then a second place to announce his fate. Simultaneously, an official publication of sports equipment in the form of a dynamic clip that reminds us of some reflections the player, quickly followed by another who gives the floor to the two leading leaders of Anderlecht: President Marc Coucke and General Director Michael Verschueren.

A point of view also commendable for the moment, because a band takes place the day after the victory of Manchester City in cup Glorifying Kompany at the head of her art, on the other hand, it is posed a few hours before the last game in Anderlecht, dragging with reverse all the conclusions and analyzes related to the worst season in the club since 1973 (l & # 39; last time Anderlecht was sixth in the Belgian league).

In fact, today, the return of Kompany is one of the novelties, while Anderlecht's absence on the European scene, after 55 years of uninterrupted presence, goes unnoticed …

Both events are … complementary. Because by his presence, his aura and his address book, Vincent Kompany will attract the players of Neerpede who, without him, in the face of the lack of European perspectives, would probably have spoiled spontaneously.

2. The surprise effect

Whatever you say, Vincent Kompany's return to the doublet is not as amazing as it seems.

When the new purple organizational chart was published in the fall, the name of the old icon of Astrid Park appeared in the official speeches. A stated goal: to give your purple DNA (Arnesen, Zetterberg, …) to the sport and inspire yourself in the axacid model.

From the moment Kompany announced his departure from Manchester, what could he do?

Higher sporting goal than the best team in the best European championship? Hard to imagine at 33.

With the goal of achieving a last lucrative challenge in the Gulf countries, in China or in the MLS? Possible, but with the risk of moving away from the radar of the selection, while Euro 2020 remains its (last) point of concentration.

The scene of Anderlecht allowed the former captain of the red devil to complete the circle in a symbolic way, returning to his club coach what he had always promised to return. A sincere decision of the heart, as a man of integrity, who has never forgotten his roots.

3. Double tap

This is probably the most thorny question, at least the one that most divides the observers.

It would probably have been easier and easier to propose to Kompany a mission in two steps: first a quiet end of the race as a player (one season, for example, until 2020), smooth integration with the personnel and / or management.

Marc Coucke's edition (original, if there is, above all at this level) immediately places great pressure on the shoulders of a man who has them, undoubtedly, solid, but who will be to make the stairs as a coach in a club in full (re) construction …

A delicate mission, if there is one, especially because Kompany will have to find an intermediate point with the "real" T1 (although it seems more appropriate to speak of a "super T2"). A man (presumably from the sphere) Cityzen) who will have to accept to remain in the shade and respect strategic directives over which he will not have control.

For the model to work, it will be important to define and delimit the spheres of influence of each one (not to mention the role of hybrid by Pär Zetterberg). The abundance of goods does not hurt … as long as it is framed strictly.

4. The strong signal given to Neerpede

In addition to the impact on the transfer campaign, the return Vincent Kompany will undoubtedly promote the Neerpede training center, which is one of the most beautiful products.

In front of the multitude of young people, Marc Coucke wants to continue to emerge, Kompany will be the living embodiment of the success of the project, a great motivator of the human face. Regarding young people already integrated into core A, they will certainly accelerate their evolution dramatically. In his attitude, his maturity, but also his pure qualities. We think mainly about Sebastiaan Bornauw, whose potential is obvious, but that he needs a true side by his side. A bit like Vincent Kompany, who during his 3 years of professionalism at the RSCA was guided by the precious and experienced Hannu Tihinen.

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