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a witness, also a victim of violence, was heard behind closed doors


Valentin Vermeesch, an 18 year old man with mental disabilities, died on the night from March 26 to 27, 2017 at Statte (Huy), after suffering a long scene of violence and torture and having been rushed into the Meuse, the hands handcuffed to the back.

The court examines early incidents of violence related to some defendants at the beginning of the third week. A witness was summoned Monday morning to discuss these events. But at the request of the public prosecutor's office and with the support of the different parties, the court decided to begin on the 11th of the trial with a hearing in the chamber to protect the privacy of this testimony.

This is a young man who allegedly experienced a scene of violence imposed by Alexander Hart and Belinda Donnay, during which he joined a radiator for 30 minutes and during which a pair of handcuffs were used.

During the afternoon, he was forced to drink alcohol and was humiliated when he was eaten. This young man was threatened with a knife by Alexander Hart. They had made death threats against him. This scene has similarities to that imposed by Valentin Vermeesch. These elements were revealed by the accusation read at the beginning of the trial.

The citizens were evacuated from the room around 9:30 a.m. by court order.

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