Tuesday , October 19 2021

Allemagne doit se passer du billet of 500 euros


Apart from the criminals, the European citizens pleureront le billet of 500 euros, it will start from dawn to progressionally wake up. But in Germany attached to the liquid silver, the adieu aux aux violet bills goes over buttered. "I'm ready to give you the important points, I did not say I did what you know of douteux," pleads Rolf, medical technician interrogated in Frankfurt, who also arranges an occasional car in heavy ravages. The "difficult to accept" juggle the decision of the European central bank to stop the issuance of bills of 500 euros as of December 17 National central banks. The eyebrows of Allemagne and of Austria continue on August 26.

There are still a few bills on one of the piles, one of the main reasons for the paniquer: the cuts of the central banks will be replaced by more small ones, but the others will continue to be legal and then they will lose their worth. "You may be happy to use them for a payer or an entrepreneur", explains Eva Taylor, spokesman for the ECB. The volume concerns a slight change, then the 500 euro notes are reprehensible for the fact that 2.3% of blows circulating in euros.

A used foot billet

The institute of Frankfurt had a smile in 2016 about the death of the billet of 500, reiterating that "facilitating illegal activities". Surnommée le «Ben Laden», this coupure allows you to transport discreetly massive amounts and easily in addition the circulation of silver comes out. The decision to pourtant was badly said by some country lenders, not from Germany, where it is believed that it prefers the disparation of the physical silver. Jens Weidmann, manager of the Bundesbank, also estimated that the disparition of the 500 euro billet "endommager la confiance" in the unique currency. At the start of the euro, I'm still under pressure from Germany, who had won a coupure of 1 000 deutschmarks, which was created with the bill of 500 euros.

Pourtant, also at this time, there is no way of adding a card that is impossible, the 500 euros coupons are no longer used freely by tourists in Europe. Pour beaucoup of clients, my billet légèrement plus grand pose même problème. «Personne ne voulait l'accepter dans les magasins», raconte ainsi Suzanne Spenner, assistant maternelle. Selon une étude de la Bundesbank réalisée in 2017, plus 60% of Allemands where I au moins une fois dans les mains a ticket of 500 euros.

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