Saturday , August 13 2022

And Serijezani are still waiting for their tax on waste in 2018 …



… During this time, the municipal council is telling the truth about the costs … 2019

The next mandate is hot, very hot. Normally in the iron city … For the (almost) last session of Alain Mathot – who will preside over his latest advice on November 29th – and (almost) the first future new very narrow majority, many weapons …

The small balls run by Fabian Culot suggest a much heavier opposition in the coming years on MR. Ekolo, returned to studies to search for two aldermans, without hearing them merit, he little appreciated the game of socialist negotiators … Paul Ancion was set up in a niche.

They both criticized the PS to vote for the true price of 2019 "while we are still waiting for the tax collection in 2018," said MR Group Leader. "I take it for myself," laughs the gurman who assures that the documents are sent … But since the post office was a good strike last week, the post office should arrive soon.

In the meantime, MR does not want this low truth that could prevent Seraing from receiving some subsidies. "But nothing changes, we keep the measures 2018" reminds Alain Mathot. What Ecologa abstained. It should be known that this true price must approach 100%, and in 2016 it rose to 104% – the year of the PTB decline – falling to 85% in 2017 and 89% in 2018.

In short, there is me … Who will pay? How to finance it? Appointment after December 3 and there, Alain Mathot will not be present to defend his little friends who will learn to defend himself now.

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