Friday , February 26 2021

Apple led the end of the year in the iPhone and China

(Belgian) Apple confirmed on Tuesday that its end-of-career sales had been disappointing with a much larger billing and net profit, weighing on the iPhone and China, but investors reassured themselves.

Revenues for the last three months of 2018, the first quarter of the fiscal year offset, dropped 5% to 84,300 million dollars, slightly above what had been expected at the time of more. This allowed the title to advance almost 4% on the stock exchange in electronic exchanges. This figure was weighed by a decrease of 15% to 52 billion dollars in revenue derived from the iPhone, a decline attributed in particular to the decline of the Chinese market. In this great market, the group saw that its total turnover plummeted from 27% to 13%, 16 billion dollars. In almost $ 20,000 million, the net profit is almost stable, with a slight increase of -0.5%. Again, it's a rarity, Apple has used to grow the net profit of recent years regularly. Adjusted, it is $ 4.18 per share, 1 cent above the expectations of the analysts. And while Apple wants to show that it diversifies to depend less on its smartphone star, services (streaming, cloud, electronic payment, applications …) reported $ 10.9 billion (+ 19%), above Analyst forecasts of $ 10.8 billion. With non-iPhone devices (iPad, Mac, Apple Watch …), services allow Apple to keep almost the net profit of one year for the next. Apple had already warned that its final sales of the year would be disappointing compared to what was expected in the fall, due to the economic downturn in China and the commercial tensions between Beijing and Washington. Analysts also point to the saturation of the smartphone market and the high cost of Apple devices, which in this country faces serious local competitors, such as Huawei and Xiaomi. Forecasts forecast for the current quarter, are below what analysts thought. (Belgian)

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