Sunday , October 17 2021

Apple News arrives in Canada

The Apple news service, Apple News, will soon begin debuting in Canada earlier this week.

Apple will soon make its Apple News service available to users of their devices in Canada.

The service will also be accessible in English and French and will initially provide access to certain means included: CBC, Radio Canada, La Presse, CTV News, Toronta Star, Hockey News, Walrus and World News. Other media will be added to this reduced list soon.

The different media will maintain 100% of their revenue related to advertising sold to Apple News, Apple not only participates in the subscriptions that are sold on the platform.

According to a page planned for developers on the Apple site, publications will retain 70% of the profits, at the beginning. This figure will increase up to 85% after the first year of subscription, also exuding trial offers and bonus periods.

Canada will come to inflate a lot on the list reduced Country or the news service launched by Apple is available, so it joins the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Apple News, however, remains accessible to Belgium through the dedicated widget.

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