Monday , October 18 2021

Be very careful this afternoon, part of Belgium enters orange alert


On Sunday afternoon, cloudiness will vary abundantly with showers. To the south of the valley of Sambre and Meuse, the rain will turn into a slit and even snow on the highlands of the Ardennes, especially in the High Fens. During the afternoon, the weather will turn dry in the west, in the center of the country, even with some clear ones.

The maximum temperatures will be between 2 and 6 degrees. The weather will cool down gradually during the afternoon. The moderate to strong wind gradually moves west to north-west. The rains will reach 60 to 70 km / h, even at 80 km / h along the coast.

IRM has issued a warning of slippery conditions throughout Wallonia from 6 pm and until tomorrow at 4 pm. This warning is even orange for the provinces of Luxembourg and Liege.

Here, depending on the magnetic resonance, what to expect:

In the province of Namur, we expect 1 to 5 cm of fresh snow.

In the province of Luxembourg, we expect 10 to 15 cm of fresh snow.

In the province of Liège, we expect 10 to 15 cm of fresh snow, and possibly more at Hautes-Fagnes.

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The following night will be very windy with showers and new snow in the Ardennes. The minimum range will range between -2 and +4 degrees

The weather will remain in winter next week, especially in the Ardennes with a new snowfall expected. Other regions will face rain or snow.

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