Thursday , July 7 2022

Before / After Victoria's Secret St Angel's hair


From the first Victoria's Secret Shov until 1995, until the latest parade, creators of angels evolved much. For centuries and fashion, modern peaks are adorned with glamorous hairdresses and trends. They went from short to long, from colored to shaded hair, depending on the new techniques that appeared. A show that is also an opportunity to discover all the skills of the greatest hairdresser working on the sublimation of these innate beauties.

One of the strongest pictures? Certainly, Naomi Campbell, who during the first Victoria's Secret Show showed "ninety" cuts. Time passes and is rediscovered by wavy extensions. Sometimes new colors, sometimes new lengths, peaks increase during seasons. So with the smooth brushes of the 2000s, the baby face of Heidi Klum was discovered. Years later, it was highlighted with Hollywood dry and shaded hair colors. This Victoria's Secret show leaves little space for stylized hairstyles and structured buns. The trend that appears to a large extent? Long hair, free and wild. Hair worked while ease was applied virtuoso on the runway. Back in the pictures on the Anjelo Victoria's hairstyles. From the first performance on the runway to their latest parade.

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