Wednesday , May 12 2021

David Diop, voice of the tirailleurs

PORTRAIT – Goncourt high school crocheted "Brother Soul", one of the most beautiful and powerful novels of the literary season. The story of a Senegalese soldier illuminated by the death of his best friend.

David Diop almost hooked up two hats: the flattering writer is most often mentioned in the fall leaves of the big awards, and after the déjillon Femine, Medicis, Goncourt and Renaudot, he is less famous, cursed author. Members of secondary schools (nearly 1,200 students) gathered in Reno on Thursday, fortunately, they broke the curse. They did not follow the speech of some of their older Goncourt, as their Secretary General Didier Decoin confirmed on Wednesday, November 7th: "Gonkourt should not be the price of a veteran".

It is true that in 2013 the price was already deducted by Pierre Lemaitre Goodbye upstairs . But was that a good reason? Instead of the glory of the Smuggling and Sacrifice of Millions of People, another novel (after Universal attraction published in 2012 at L & # 39; Harmattan) by a university professor who set up these Senegalese rifles from Chemin des Dames …

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