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David Hallidai: "I have the impression that we have emptied my father's picture"


David Hallidai is as tense as we found this week in the show "Seven to Eight" on TF1. For his first television interview since Johnny's death, his eldest son, who was not ready for media confessions, was even on the brink of tears when he mentioned his passing on December 5th and he was terribly sorry: "I could not tell him Goodbye. I was the day that he was waiting to enter his office, where he was hospitalized, and I could not do it. "

At his mouth, we also find out that "my last letter," his song a gift to his father a week ago, caused a real passage he wrote several hours before his death. "I left the service person and left (Editors note: from Marnes-la-Cookette), told journalist Stephanie Davoine. When I came the next day, they told me that we could not give or read it. That's really sharply. And I think the only thing in my life is that I will not be able to heal. There are things I will overcome, but that's hard! "

"It was getting smaller and less easy"

During the 18 minutes before the interview, in which David Hallidai does not mention the name Læticia Hallidai, we realize that their relationship was tense from the hospitalization of Johnny, at the end of 2009 in Los Angeles. "I really was bothered to see so many people out of the family circle, he admits. I said that. I did what I could to make sure he was less surrounded. […] It was more complicated to be with him from there. "

During the last hospitalization of his father in November 2017, David came to his house every day at the Bizet Clinic. But when he returned to Marnes-la-Cookette, "everything is less and less easy, he confesses with a tense smile. Seeing that there were a lot of people who were there and saw him regularly, I did not understand. And I, I had to announce To see my father, that's weird.

Right to inspection

David Hallidai also complains that he is not connected with the organization of the national recognition of La Madeleine – "everything has already been done" – and admits he is "surprised" that his father was deserted. "The worst thing for me is that I feel like we screwed up his image saying that he is a man who hates his children, it's a joke. My father was a lover who loved his four children, of which I am a part." He was a great guy What's missing most? "Watch horror movies with him for up to 5 hours. "

Before a process battle between the two clans continues on November 27 – his half-sister Laura Smet and asked his publishing companies to freeze his royalties to the judicial outcome of the will – the eldest child, Hallidai, explains his attitude: "I simply ask the moral rights of us fourEditor's note: he and the other three children, Laura, Jade and Joey), the right to look at his image and his musical heritage, and nothing else. In the end, he said that in his next album "I Have Something to Tell You", December 7 is expected, "there is no revenge, only love".

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