Wednesday , July 28 2021

Details of aircraft storage and recycling center in Oujda

The call for ten-year renewables refers to the design, construction, financing and operation of this center which is expected to ultimately occupy 54 hectares near Oujda Angad Airport. The presentations will open on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, as we read in the archive posted on the Office’s website.

The provisions of a contract provide for the charge of the successful bidder, in addition to the deposit fixed at 250,000 dirhams, the payment, for the entire period of employment, of an annual state fee calculated on the basis of the fee. hectare, as a result of its financial supply, not less than 105,000 DH HT per hectare occupied per year.

The successful bidder will have a maximum of 16 months to first develop 10 hectares on the site. It also has a maximum of one year to start the aircraft storage activity within a maximum period of six months after the completion of the work planned in the initial phase.

As for phase 3ᵉ, with a maximum duration of one year, it consists of the construction of the industrial infrastructure of the project and the start of the activity of deconstruction and recycling of aircraft and aircraft parts within a period not exceeding twelve months.

According to the specifications relating to this call, the future contract holder may export, deconstruct or even recycle the aircraft stored for more than two years provided that the owner pays a penalty of 5,000 DH per additional day of storage.

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