Saturday , May 8 2021

Feces, vomiting, .. The director was deleted after admiring St-Martin's school Antheit


On Monday night, Monday, the first primary school of the St. Martin Antheit School (Vanze) was robbed.

Dominicus Versin, school director, posted Facebook photos of damage and made all his outrage.
"Devoted, grieving, angry, disappointed … Those who know me know that I am an optimist, but today I am ruined, I am angry at the hooligan band, pigs, taken from the work of a dynamic educational team, and especially the work and dignity of primary school students The entire class was looted that night. Building on the walls, an indelible marker, retreated to the fard.
In order to commit this type of shame, these disrespectful people have no sense of respect and no courage. Cowards. To play with your ejection, you must be in a very minimal phase of evolution, the animal. In view of such acts, we will take steps to remove every kind of intrusion into our school. Let these people know (if we can still call them people) that we will fight to find them. Band coward. We do not give up. An emotional thought for Madame Isabelle and a class of first primary. We put everything in place so that we can find our class as soon as possible. Dominicus Versin, the director in shock. "

A call for solidarity for painting and school material has been launched.

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