Monday , May 10 2021

Five years are being sought against Verviers who inoculated two juveniles to SIDA


The state prosecutor's office requested a five-year sentence on Tuesday at the Appellate Court in Liegu against Jonathan D., a 25-year-old Vervier, who was prosecuted for consciously inoculating an anchor with two underage girls. age.

The verdict will be held on December 11th. Jonathan D. he was sentenced to 5 years in prison at the Verviers Criminal Court. He was inoculated with AIDS in two minors during unprotected sex.

The third girl also had intimate relationships, but she was not infected. The Accused, who has suffered from this disease since his birth, did not attempt to treat and protect himself.

Before the Appellate Court, Jonathan D. claimed that the little girl he met knew that he was infected and that they accepted the situation. Only after their break, they would have been convicted of revenge.

Attorney General Laurence Maudouk requested a five-year sentence against the defendant, highlighting the unjustified facts, the age of young victims and the incurable nature of the disease. She also noted that if the defendant decided to seek treatment, he would not have infected his victims.

The Accused's lawyer stated that he did not commit the facts voluntarily and disputed the characterization of the facts before he filed the request for acquittal.

The verdict will be delivered on December 11th.

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