Sunday , April 11 2021

Genk coach, Philippe Clement, blames Edon Zhegrova: "Let him take the example of Nàstic!" – All football

Edon Zhegrova is a talented player, but he wants more playing time. "I have a lot of experience with young players and some are very impatient, but Edon is in this category. Over the last six months, this feeling has been very much promoted for his follow-up," coach Genk Philippe Clement told the columns of Laatste Nieuws.

"Therefore, this boy wants to take a step in his career and the future will tell if it is the best option for him."

These players are betterShare this quote:

Clement would have liked to keep it. But what happened in recent days broke the bridges between the two men. "I have some understanding for players who want to play more, but the way to make them understand is also important to me." "Look at Bojan Nastic." He is a boy who wants more minutes of play, but still good ".

And he explains the difference with Edon Zhegrova: "At the last minute, he still sent me an SMS:" Coach, I will not be training because I will do my medical tests in Ostend. "This is how a professional has to behave, I have a lot of respect for that, but if it does not appear in training like Edon, he left the band and did better. stop. "

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