Saturday , February 27 2021

Girls' suffering is underestimated compared to that of boys

Researchers from Yale University found that adults tended to take children's pain less seriously than children.

A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology reveals a reactions difference from adults when you face suffering from girl or a boy. In general, people think they suffer more what girls

To reach this conclusion, Yale researchers formed two groups of adults at random. For each group, participants had to watch the same video, a five-year-old boy who, during a doctor's visit, received a small clamp on his finger.

For one of the two groups, this child was called "Samantha"designating it as a girl, for the other group the child was named"Samuel", representing him as a child.

Each of the participants in both groups was invited evaluate the pain of the child

The group thinking that the child was a child tended to value pain as more important than the group that they thought they were looking at a girl.

For researchers, this difference of appreciation would be linked behaviors and traits of personality than us attributes boys and girls since childhood. Children are seen in the collective unconscious, more robust and stoic, while girls are perceived as more sensitive and emotional.

Researchers now want to do a more detailed study. "If the phenomena observed in our studies were generalized to other contexts, this would have important implications for the diagnosis and the treatment. Any prejudice in pain judgments would be extremely important as they could aggravate a provision of healthcare not equitable"says Joshua Monrad, one of the authors of the study.

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