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Government of Brussels: Zakia Khattabi resigned during a psychodrama for a few hours at Ecolo


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The Brussels General Assembly of Ecolo has appointed its representatives to the Government of Brussels and the Community Commission of France during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The ecologists almost unanimously approved the agreement negotiated with the Socialists, DéFI, Groen and Open Vld. The meeting warmed up when it was necessary to approve the casting. The Greens took almost seven hours to reach an agreement on three names, after a psychodrama that led to the disappearance of a candidate supported by the co-presidency of the party.

If the candidates of Alain Maron, one of the negotiators, the position of Minister of Climate and Magali Plovie to the presidency of the Assembly of Cocof did not represent any problem, it was not a problem. even for the position of Secretary of State for economic transition and Minister-President of Cocof.

Co-presidency proposed for the first time Isabelle Pauthier, former general secretary of the Urban Action and Research Workshop (ARAU), elected for the first time on May 26. Militant of a certain conception of town planning in Brussels, Mrs. Pauthier has raised strong reluctance among some activists, both for their vision of the city, judged by them as cleavante and unfavorable for development of Brussels, but also because it seemed to replace another deputy, Barbara Trachte, a parliamentarian for 10 years, one of the group leaving the parliament of the Walloon-Brussels Federation whose internal legitimacy was stronger.

The co-presidency, headed by Zakia Khattabi, maintained this candidacy despite the first insufficient vote of the parliamentary group in Brussels. The move to the party's federal council and, finally, before the general assembly did not reverse the trend and the appointment of Mrs. Pauthier did not collect the required majority.

Shortly after 1:00 in the morning, the co-chairs were isolated to present a new candidature, in this case that of Mrs. Trachte, who received the support of the activists. Mrs. Khattabi, exhausted and, obviously, excited, left the ULB's audience where the general assembly was held before the end of the meeting. Several participants considered this denial to be a personal failure of co-presidency.

"The Ecole Ag are always full of surprises," said Mr. Maron.

Tonight, the Greens seem to return a few years ago, during the stormy general meetings and the uncertain outcome.

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