Friday , March 5 2021

his unforgivable gesture is controversial!

Since it is on the set ofAgreement concluded, Julien Cohen stands out from the crowd. Unfortunately, in 2021, that doesn’t happen for this saleswoman.

Has Julien Cohen gone too far?

With his comrades, the atmosphere is not always good

The man with the blue glasses called again. In fact, from the first episodes of‘Agreement concluded, the audience knows he’s dealing with a funny character. Julien Cohen always says what he thinks, even if he doesn’t like it. As for his method of achieving his ends, he sometimes arouses questioning and sometimes the anger of his peers. We can no longer count the number of small spades that Caroline Margeridon throws at her. But does that make him react? Viously not really!

However, in some ways, Julien Cohen has a tender heart. Indeed, Footix remember that teddy bear sale. Not like the others for her master, she had decided to part with him. After debating the amount, Julien Cohen makes a magnificent decision. Not only will he buy it from her, but he will also return it to the person concerned. Symbolic because it aired a few days before Christmas, this good action melted the spectators.

Julien Cohen "Agreement concluded" : his unforgivable gesture is controversial!
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2021 starts badly!

Marked by the absence of his accomplice Pierre-Jean Chalençon, Julien Cohen feels very alone. Needless to say, his teammates don’t give him away, as they fear these last-minute auctions. A few days ago Footix he told you what he planned to do with this vintage watch. Looking at the camera, the saleswoman broke down on the spot. For once, he didn’t win his case and so the precious object is left intact at another second-hand dealership. We are reassured!

But for this bas-relief, things will not turn out as we would have expected. Worse, Julien Cohen’s laid-back attitude will really mark the audience. While the experts try to debate the sale price, our bargain hunter takes the time to peel and then eat a … tangerine. Surprised, fans of the show complained on social media. Do you feel so powerful that you completely ignore what is going on around you? Also, luckily or by chance, you will end up winning your case and leaving with the prized sesame.

And you, what do you think? Does Julien Cohen deserve a little reminder to ask? If the situation makes her funny, Sophie Davant doesn’t want her show to stop. And fans of the show like the writing of Footix, not more ! To be continued!

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