Friday , May 20 2022

Hucin from Prison Risk "Star & # 39; Ac 2"


Former finalist of the "Star Academy" in 2002, courts called for acts of violence …

Star Academy stars certainly remember Houcine who was in the final of the second season of "Star Aca" and had to pay homage Nolvenn Leroi. Sixteen years later, it returns to news for much less enviable facts.

According to information published by L & E Republican, a 38-year-old singer appeared on Friday, November 16, at the Nanca Correctional Court in the case of violence. His former partner claims he was hit in the face. Facts of 5 May 2017 and found by a medical certificate. There is talk about hematoma in the fork and bruises on the temple.

So what happened between the two ex? That day, Houcine, must return his six-year-old son to leave his Nancy school. But he has interferences with the mother of a child he has been separated for years. She is not the one who kept that guy's custody, but she's worried because two weeks earlier, her son was a witness to the scene of a violent household between Houcine and his new companion. "He was traumatized", testifies to a mother who claims she only wants to make sure that her son does not revive the same. But the debate worsens and the police have to intervene. The singer shows them his family court order that allows him to go with the child. But the mother is accompanying them to a clothing store in downtown, where she says she has been insulted and beaten several times.
– "I do not want to sound pretentious, but I made a TV show and I would not be so stupid to offend my old girlfriend in front of people", rebellion of the singer!
– "Look me in the eye and dare you say you did not want me"the victim is irritated.
– "I did not type you"Hukin answered firmly.
Court President Mazzacavallo had to intervene with a "Enough!".
Who's wrong, who's right? Judgment on December 7th. Because of these facts, Houcin's family violence risks three months in prison. Or how to go from light to shadow.

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