Tuesday , September 27 2022

Jason Denaier, guest on Saturday: "Fortunately, I'm not a proud person"


, CIs it a story about a man who says he feels more free with his feet? From the central defendant to the fake air from the number ten to old. A footballer who confirms that he did not know the rules of the League of Nations, but that he is not really surprising. Jason Denaier is a UFO in the world of Belgian football. The little boy from Annessens was trained by Jean-Marc Guillou, barefoot and far from the standard standards of the training centers.

Since then, the boy has gone a long way. Many times. From Glasgow to Istanbul, there is a drop and tons of memories. More or less famous chapters. Proud of his experience, Jason Denaier decided to defend the record. Take a walk and sink. Always.

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