Tuesday , May 18 2021

Keisse and Viviani start the first night in mind

Ilya Keisse and his Italian counterpart, Elia Viviani, will launch the first night of the 78th edition of the Six Days in Ghent.

Half the first night, the duo has 45 points, 15 more than Jasper De Buist and Tosh Van der Sande. Kenni De Ketele and Robbe Ghis took third place (28 points). Lindsay De Willer and Moreno De Pauv (21) are fourth, Dutch Vim Stroeting and Ioera Havik (19) fifth. The rest is followed by a turn or more.

Keisse and Viviani showed up in the first race, a race for points. De Pauw and DeWaldner have collected a second run. In the elimination event, Keisse and Viviani won. The time exam on the wing won Stroeting and Havik.

In the first 40 minutes of the 30-minute race in 30 laps (madison), Keisse and Viviani seemed able to take the round but failed. In the next sprint, for 20 points, Van der Sande was somewhat faster than Keisse.

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