Saturday , October 1 2022

Laeticia Hallyday had given a gift that Johnny Hallyday loved!


Laeticia Hallyday knew that Johnny Hallyday was crazy about the animals. Especially dogs, and he gave him a beautiful gift …

He had offered Laeticia Hallyday as the first gift, alone at one hundred forty thousand francs at that time. She conquered her with a gift full of more affection, with which she shared many years. Because she knew her love for dogs!

Laetitia Hallyday: a beautiful gift

In fact, Laeticia Hallyday had offered a Maltese bichon to Johnny. And he adopted it directly and had affection, as well as not leaving until the year 2010. Date of his death.

The couple loved this little animal that filled them with joy. In addition, Laeticia declared the importance that he had in 30 million of friends:

"He is very present, he never speaks, he is always close to me and he is the best confident we can have" Like her husband who did not think less: "It carries a lot of affection. It's nice like anything. All the dogs are great!"

In addition, this dog has experienced remarkable moments. Upon the arrival of the two children of the couple, Jade and joy. Unfortunately, he will not see them becoming a woman because Lucas died in 2010. An event that deeply punished their teachers

Laetitia Hallyday and Johnny Hallyday: crazy dogs!

In fact, the couple Laeticia Hallyday and Johnny loved animals. And after the death of his faithful called Lucas, they did not run out of dog for a long time. Because during a road trip to Arizona in the United States in 2016.

Johnny had discovered a young slut abandoned by the road. And without thinking, he retrieved it and welcomed him to his house. So far, Cheyenne is always true to her lover!

This love of dogs can not be explained. Because they are faithful and loyal and will never leave you. Replace the absence of a loved one and see when it's not right. They are great …