Tuesday , October 19 2021

Laurence Boccolini may well: she is chemist (photo)


The animator still loses poids and affiche any other silhouette.

From last summer, Laurence Boccolini to beaucoup maigri. I'll give him an impressive impression of how many poids he has been doing for months, you're leaving him, he's still fond. In the photo that posted Ingrid Chauvin, who was invited by Laurence Boccolini sur Europe 1 viernes.

The animator will appear again, at the end of the actress's demain new appartient. Where can I see that I still lose a few kilos?

But he does not speak to me, and I've already trusted Big Chains TV after the publication of the cliché who had so much talked about, last month. "I have not sent you a chatter of my own. A day, I'll give you a chance, but not a moment. I'm just getting back on my head, but I do not need to think of you anymore. autante de monde. J'ai regardé sur Instagram les statistiques: plus of 100 000 people where do you see! ", avait-I trusted.

He is still sued and encouraged by the fans who are happy with the good news, related to the new physique.

"Une nouvelle femme, elle est splendide", peut-on notamment lire. Or, oh, "Moi je la trouve rayonnante".

Laurence Boccolini il y a 1 an

Laurence Boccolini today
Photo: Instagram officiel Ingrid Chauvin

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