Friday , February 26 2021

Linux “fully usable” on Macs M1

2021 will be the year of Linux … at least on the Mac M1. Corellium tea announcement that it is now possible to boot an Apple Silicon computer to Ubuntu on USB. Network functions support a USB-C dongle. The happiest of you can go to the GitHub of the project (at this address), the others will prefer to wait for the tutorial to be published during the day.

If Corellium announces a Linux « fully usable “You have to keep in mind that not everything is perfectly configured, such as access to the external network or hardware acceleration of the GPU, the representation is only software at the moment. Still, it’s a big step forward in this Linux portability project on new Macs.

If the name Corellium sounds, it’s because the company recently won a legal battle against Apple. He has developed a technology for virtualization of iOS devices aimed at security developers and researchers, which displeased the manufacturer (read: American justice agrees with Corellium and its iPhones in the cloud).

In their spare time, Corellium engineers had begun the task of bringing Linux to Mac M1s. Few days. Developmentbviament, development has been fast! This Ubuntu solution follows Asahi Linux, another attempt to run a GNU / Linux distribution on Apple chips, but which has not yet been successful.

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