Thursday , June 30 2022

Madonna looks natural without any filter, her face shocks internet users


Definitely, Madonna has never stopped being a starter in recent days. After to have done a very notorious passage on Jimmy Fallon’s set, here he is today at the heart of a new controversy over having sung on the steps of a church. A performance far from unanimous and that arouses many reactions especially by the appearance of the singer. Objection he explains everything in great detail.

Madonna: the artist does his show!

The queen of provocation

Old today Madonna, 63, has obviously not lost any of her incredible attention-grabbing skills. In fact, his October 11 presence on the set of Jimmy Fallon caused a lot of ink to flow. While the famous American presenter questioned her guest, she embarked on a high-flying performance. Spectators were able to experience it in an impromptu choreography that ended at the host’s table. During this sequence, Madonna took the opportunity to show her ass in front of the amazed gaze of the audience. A highly commented service on social media like the one in which Objection decides to talk to you today.

In fact, after this show on the set of Jimmy Fallon, the singer talks about her again for a completely different reason. While performing at a New York restaurant, she effectively invited viewers to follow her through the streets of Harlem. Madonna climbed the stairs of a local church to perform her famous hit Like a prayer. Some did not stop criticizing this attitude, while others took the opportunity to point out some small details. In fact, during this concert in front of the church, Madonna looked natural. A vision that was obviously enough to destabilize his followers. Objection explains why.

No filter

In fact, on the streets of New York, Madonna appeared very different from the image she gives to social media or magazines. Without the ability to use programs like Photoshop, filters, or other effects to help you improve your appearance, the result was a little different according to several witnesses in the scene. Therefore, on social media, Internet users were unleashed to highlight that the star no longer looked like the image he wanted to give. of her. In any case, all these negative opinions do not seem to have destabilized the main stakeholder. In fact, Madonna seems to make fun of criticism even if she does her best to erase or at least hide the traces of the passage of time.

Still, it must be acknowledged that the 63-year-old singer has a particular form. A mother of six and an experienced artist, she continues to multiply projects with unlimited energy. As for her love life, she no longer hesitates to appear next to her dancer. Ahlamalik Williams, who is 36 years younger than her. As for his career and professional ambitions, he is currently promoting his documentary entitled Mrs. X, produced in collaboration with Paramount.

A message to pass

Thanks to this documentary, Madonna wants to effectively convey a message to the public as she recently stated on television when she revealed it behind: “I hope everyone who sees the film understands that it’s important to have art in our lives.”. Before adding: “Artists are there to disturb the peace. So I hope I have bothered everyone who is now watching the show. And I say that, of course, in a very positive way ”. If Madonna hoped to disturb the conscience, her goal seems, in any case, achieved in view of the reactions of the spectators. Again, the performer of Like a virgin, it really isn’t past unnoticed.

In short, Madonna makes Madonna. But if the mother of a family knows the detractors, she can also count on a huge crowd willing to support her in all circumstances. In fact, if his taste for provocation is really part of his DNA, that can’t overshadow his extraordinary talent and innate sense of the show. A woman who will have started from scratch to become over the years one of the leading artists of his generation, which has millions of fans around the world. Always free and independent, Madonna continues her career as she has always led, blowing cold and heat to the delight of those who have been following her for several decades.

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