Monday , September 26 2022

Murder of jungle in Namur: several hundred people at the funeral of Vivinne Marion (video)


nHundreds of people attended the Vivinne Marion funeral Tuesday morning in their village, Boninne (Namur). The ceremony was held in a particularly difficult atmosphere. Whether they are close, colleagues, friends, neighbors or simply sensitive to disappearance, many want to greet 42-year-old Namurois, the last time they show their support to their family. A part of the crowd had to stay outside the small Boninne church.

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Many people have spoken, starting with the husband of the deceased, to say the least emotions. During the speech, Vivinne Marion was portrayed as a woman on "Eight Lives." She was above all a big sister, a student with bubbles, then rebels. Before you become a brilliant pediatrician at CHR Namur,save a lot of livesAnd become the perfect wife and mother of two, eager for art, travel, shopping, fashion and jogging.

"Black hole"

Vivinne Marion was killed on Thursday, November 1st, as she ran near her home in Bonin. His body was found in car diving in Sambre Flavinne (Namur) in the morning. His driver, Xavier Van Dam, was arrested near the site, identified by a witness who allegedly attacked him and locked a jogger in the trunk of his vehicle in Bonin.

The indictee, whose arrest warrant was extended for a month on Tuesday, still says he does not remember anything and continues to mention "black hole"He says underneath.

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