Saturday , April 17 2021

National strike on February 13: Brussels Airlines announces the abolition of some flights

The national strike on February 13 will affect all public transport.

BRussels Airlines announced on Friday the cancellation of several flights on February 13 during the national strike, informs La Libre. The company plans to cancel 28 of its 222 scheduled flights.

► The Kroll to the general strike on February 13

" Passengers have already been informed and "booked" on other flights Wencke Lemmes, spokesman for the Belgian company, told La Libre. " But we are waiting for more information, especially about participation in this movement of air traffic controllers, to adapt our flight program She continues

Can Will Brussels Airline work properly on that day? " This is not yet clear for the moment and we hope to have this information as soon as possible to find solutions for our passengers She explained. There are also riots in the Charleroi airport. El Setca believes that the airport " It could be significantly disturbed for the first time ".

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