Monday , August 8 2022

Pandora Papers: nursing home closed in Tournai, bank account opened in Singapore


Aviq closed a 93-bed residence in Tournai, alleging gross negligence. The owner of the building also has a richly endowed trust in Singapore, according to the Pandora document. He denies any guilt and irregularity.

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C“It’s relentlessness, the struggle of the earthen pot against the iron pot,” says outraged Jean-Robert Rapez, owner of the Tournai Senior Reference nursing home building. “I will go to the Council of State to oppose this closure, but it will take time.”

At the origin of this anger, seven condemnatory reports issued by the Walloon Agency for Quality of Life (Aviq) in recent years, which pointed to serious negligence in the management of the establishment or even – in a 2019 report – “accommodation (…) which must be described as abusive.” Although these shortcomings were challenged by the Senior Reference company and three of its residents in the Council of State, this , in a judgment handed down in extreme urgency on Monday 11 October, ruled in favor of the Walloon region and, as a result, allowed the latter to withdraw its approval at the retirement home. Approximately fifty residents must be relocated no later than November 12th.

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