Sunday , September 26 2021

Pierre François, CEO of the Pro League, fatalist of Belgian football: “We will lose places in the European ranking”

Pierre François, CEO of the Pro League, takes stock this Friday evening before the launch of the post-Covid season in D1A.

He celebrated his 65th birthday, but “the passion is still there.” Pierre François has taken over for another season as CEO of the Pro League, at the unanimous request of the clubs. “I didn’t want to go to a Covid year where my last memory would have been empty stadiums and disputes with certain clubs. Today I have a happy time in my professional life.”

On this day of the resumption of the D1A, the themes of Belgian football are not always pink. He has not dribbled any issues so far, within 90 minutes of the interview in the Brussels offices of the Pro League.

The feeling of chaos in the Pro League: “I already have enough of all men for himself”

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