Tuesday , October 19 2021

Prince Philip presented his excuses to the victim of the car accident



Prince Philip sent my excuses to the victim of the car accident that caused me to have more than one week.

Il en aura falto du temps – dix jours – but the prince Philip in order to present your excuses to the victim of the car accident that I provoked. If the spouse of the queen Elizabeth II left healthy, I still do not care about a woman from 46 years old and I would like to bring him to life and to whom I poignet cassé.

Le Mirror The show is issued today by the letter from the Duke of Edinburgh to Emma Fairweather. Last year I was told by the person who passed it and attributed the incident to the soleil who declined the visibility. "I know you imagine that I have not pulled up to see the car to come back, écrit-il, I am sorry to hear the consecuences. " "J'étais extrêmement soulagé qu'unun de vous n'ait été gérévement blessé", add only the first step of explaining why I have the answer to the suite after the plays. "Comme une foule commençait à si former, a local police officer has made me rent a Sandringham House."

Il'en fallait no plus to give Emma Fairweather a heureuse, the one who stabbed the silence of the prince after the accident, thought you were better than a child. "Beaucoup of nothing disdaining that I have not succeeded in passing the kind of gentle and humanity of the Prince Philip's part," confie-t-elle au Mirror. The voilà comblée. As far as the Duke of Edinburgh, around a thousand feet are shielded, it seems that wherever I tell you that wherever I came from, I would like to tell you about the bad things that are worthless for you. Commence of this encounter with a chef from the African Ethnicity who had revoked up to the tenuous tradition and to whom he married Elizabeth II, I demanded that he had revived a chemise at night. Une Belle Bourde, at the same time that he looks at a characteristic feature of British humorous Monty Python song …

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