Saturday , August 13 2022

PS / Ecolo cast in Mons is finally stopped



John Joos, elected citizen on the PS, will chair the Roof & Me social real estate. Here are new faces at Mons Municipal College

On Tuesday afternoon, then in the evening, the elected PS Montois found an agreement on the red-green majority for the period 2018-2024. The package (agreement, casting and skills) is now officially. The following communal PS / Ecolo columns are made up of socialist bourgmesters Nicolas Martin and seven aldermans, including 5 PS and for the first time two Ecolos. Also, the CPAS Presidency, also entrusted with the chosen socialism, should be added.

In this new version, it is reserved for the selected citizen, John Joos, PS lists that allow Socialists to keep a short absolute majority? It is the chairmanship of the social housing settlement Montois Toit & Moi (formerly Sorelobo), a particular symbolic institution in the eyes of John Joos, if we remember his struggles, including the defense of the victim's tits.

Casting and distribution of skills is the following.
Nicolas Martin (PS) will be the new mayor of 2018-2024, who will have in his portfolio police, firefighters, staff, prevention, housing, tourism, economic development, investor reception, animal welfare, ERDF coordination, marriages, big city politics, lumecone and high education. First sheriff
Catherine Houdart (PS) is a teacher, young people, libraries, extracurricular and take the culture and twins. Ecologist of deer
Charlotte De Jaer support public cleansing, mobility and citizen participation.
Achile Sakas (PS) also rules at festivals and civic / citizens.

Among the new generation of elected officials we find Makime Pourtois (PS) that will support urban planning, land management, CAR, parking and parking. Deputy Mayor Melanie Ouali (PS) will now be in charge of finance, sports, church factories, insurance, associations and patriotic movements. City Hall Marc Darville (PS) takes over jobs, IT, FTA and new technologies. Then, another echelon new echinacea, Catherine Marneffe will be responsible for "green materials" such as sustainable development, energy climate, nature development and public procurement. And as already announced, Marie Meunier (PS), only 26 years old, has been presided over by CPAS's Mons.

The main absence of this role was selected Marc Barvais (PS), current president of the CPAS (also the jurisdiction of finance in Mons). He holds his presidency at the public hospital CHU-CHP, whose topics are related to the creation of hospital networks of essential importance. Keep in mind that the PS group Joelle Kapompola and John Joos will take the position of president and vice-president of the PS group in Mons.

"That's why the renewed team, representing a new generation at the forefront of the city with new goals for the Big Mons" said leader Nicolas Martin.The new team has four new members, most women (5 women out of 9) and has an average age of 42 (vs. 53 for the previous majority). "


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