Friday , May 20 2022

Raising roles less than an hour a week can reduce the risk of attack


A new American study has shown that weight gain even less than 60 minutes per week can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 40 to 70%.

This large study, conducted by researchers at the State University of Iowa, involved 12,591 participants, the average age of 47 years.

Scientists have estimated the level of exercise muscle resistance through questionnaires and explored the possibility of linking this kind of exercise and three health effects: cardiovascular events such as heart attacks i Video: AVC They do not cause death, everything Cardiovascular events including death i death arising from all kinds of causes.

The results, published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, demonstrated exercise in muscle resistance reduced risk of the above three scenarios.

Performing these exercises from 1 to 59 minutes per week, in one weekly session or in two or three different sessions, is associated with a 40 to 70% lower risk of cardiovascular events.

The researchers came up with similar results when they looked at the risk of death from cardiovascular events and death from other causes.

It should be noted, however, that raising iron four times a week or spending more than one hour a week did not provide additional benefits.

"People can think they have to spend a lot of time to raise their weight, but only two sessions for listening for less than 5 minutes can be enough"said author Duck-chul Lee.

These results, which are among the first to consider the relationship between resistance exercises i cardiovascular disease, also showed that the benefits of the exercise were Independent walking, walking and aerobic activity, which means that even if individuals do not follow physical activity closed exercises may be sufficient to reduce the disc of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers noticed that it is not easy to implement resistance exercises in everyday routine, as opposed to walking or running. That is why Professor Lee advises to subscribe to the gym in order to simplify access to these exercises. But that daily activities It can also boost muscle resistance.

It is alleged that "Raising any kind of weight that increases muscle strength is the key (…) My muscles do not make a difference if I dig a garden, if I carry bags or if they lift up the weights".

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