Friday , August 12 2022

Raoul Cauvin receives the Golden Pole


For the 20th edition of Pole d 'Or, writer Raoul Cauvin praised the award given by the Ottignies-LLN municipality to Ferme du Biereau. (Photo Cover of JJ Prosecutor's Office)

Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve rewarded his Golden Pole since 1999 as an artist from Valonburga Brabant, whose renown and talent enriches and contributes significantly to the names of the cultural pole of the municipality.. Each year the award-winning artist chooses the Council of Culture, composed of a very wide range of cultural operators in the province.. The principle of the golden sex requires that the awarded artist chooses another artistic discipline from his own. This year, Raoul Cauvin chose a young lady Valentine as a daughter (https: //

She opened the ball with a reconstruction of four songs, and Raoul celebrated the evening with a magnificent ceremony with similar Diagonal awards, led by Eric De Staercke. Lying on the famous couch, Raoul Cauvin and his psychiatrist have seen Sammy and Jack, Blue Tunics Blutch, Women in White, Tombal Stone, Cedric and his choir …

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