Friday , March 5 2021

Revolution in sight in France Television: Nelson Monfort and Patrick Montel soon overthrow?


Will we still see Patrick Montel and Nelson Monfort, both 65, in France Télévisions?

The two emblematic figures of the sports publishing team could support the cost of the voluntary departure plan desired for the management of the French channel.
"The management of the group wants to take advantage of the great plan of voluntary exits, currently in negotiation with the unions, to see" go ""A source told the newspaper Le Parisien, which reveals the information. We talk about 2000 outputs of the 9,600 employees who explain France TV.Unique, the latter would hope to convince sexageners to disappear; we also circulate the one of Thierry Adam (57 years old ).

Contacted by Le Parisien, Patrick Montel said he was surprised and said he did not know a premature end of his career, while the 2020 Olympics are already in the lead. Nelson Monfort did not want to comment.

"They want our skin"

In any case, the environment is not good at writing, the rumors go well. "They want our skin It's violent", laments one of them".This plan of departure, we only talk about this. It becomes obssession", they suffer another.

Pascal Golomer, director of sports publishing, asserts that there is no blacklist. Therefore, it is premature to evoke a departure from Monfort, Montel or another. "Business management continues to negotiate the agreement on the terms of the conventional collective breakdown and, therefore, will only be voluntary exits, everyone will do their accounts," he told a writing meeting.


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