Tuesday , July 5 2022

Saturn: The planet ring visible from Earth this Tuesday evening


Saturn's rings disappear within 300 million years, revealed a NASA study last January.

theSaturn is in opposition this Tuesday night. In other words, the second largest planet in the solar system is aligned with Earth and the Sun, a phenomenon that occurs only every 378 days. This is an opportunity to admire their inclined rings, with an astronomical telescope or a telescope.

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Planet Saturn will be closer to Earth this Tuesday evening, at a distance of about 1,200 million kilometers. Therefore, our blue planet will be located between the Sun and Saturn, which is opposed every 378 days. This means that this phenomenon occurs every year 13 days after the previous period of the opposition.

Saturn should appear around 21:55 in the south-east sky and set southwest on Wednesday morning (around 4 in the morning). The planet should be visible to the naked eye, but to see its famous rings and perhaps even its moons, the brightest of which is Titan, it will be necessary to bring a telescope, according to the AccuWeather website.

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