Thursday , August 13 2020
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Second suspect in arrest warrant, released by British partner


The sister of the Dutch organizer of the Vestiville festival placed on Sunday under the arrest warrant and suffered the same luck a few hours later, according to the decision of a Hasselt magistrate. A third suspect, his British partner, was also arrested on Friday and will be presented to the judge on Sunday night. Suspicion of forgery, fraud and trust.

The organizer challenges the facts alleged against him, said his lawyer, Peter Donne.

It is believed that the trio has provided false payment checks to the festival vendor. It was canceled at the last minute by the mayor of Lommel, who considered that the conditions of sufficient security were not fulfilled.

The British partner of the Dutch organizers of the Vestiville festival was released after passing to a Hasselt instruction judge, the VRT said on Sunday night.

"My client was the sole responsible for the management of artists, and that is what he did. He categorically denied anything that could correspond to a fraud. That's why we needed more in-depth investigation on Sunday Finally, his story is accurate, "says Meyers.

The Vestiville festival was canceled just before the Bourgmestre de Lommel had opened it for security reasons. It was assumed that the event would host several popular hip-hop or r & # 39; b artists, including Cardi B, Future, Migos and Master Gims.

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