Monday , August 15 2022

See the map of the world's most popular car brands


BMV is interested in more people on Google in 25 countries; Mercedes-Benz, at 23.

British insurer Veigo wanted to know which brands were most wanted on Google in the UK, but as long as they left, they did the same for all countries in the world with enough Google data on it or 171 of 195 countries.

From the point of absolute clicks, Toiota was also the most prestigious brand in the world with 7.8 million searches per month, followed by Honda (7 million). Ford follows in 3e the city and the American brand are mostly google (6.4 million times a month).

Evidence that cars are a deeply globalized industry, there are only four countries in the world where people are most interested in the national brand. The most widely branded googlia France is Renault. In Germany, it's Mercedes-Benz. In Sweden, Volvo. In India, Maruti-Suzuki. In Malaysia, Perodua.

In Japan? BMW.

In the United States? Toiota.

In South Korea? BMW.

In Italy? Volksvagen.

In the United Kingdom? Mercedes-benz.

In Russia? Hiundai (Lada in the Zero Earth).

And here are some other curiosities:

In China, the brand with the majority of Google searches is Tesla. The same thing in Norway, this small country with most electric cars per capita in the world. The same thing on the Cayman Islands, a well-known tax paradise.

Mexico and four other Spanish-speaking countries in America are first interested in Chevrolet, while Ford dominates curiosity in three countries, Hungary, and the small Caribbean island, Aruba, and also in Gilbratar (linked Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen), this small Iberia yet always owns Britain.

For some unknown reason, Burkina Faso is primarily interested in Chrisler.

Evidence that the Internet is used both for dreaming, and not just for shopping, Lamborghini dominates Google searches in 12 countries, of which 10 are poor or very poor. No other brand of luxury cars is crowded like Lambo.

In many African countries with a high level of inequality, the most popular brands on Google are Mercedes-Benz and BMV.

We know which brand is the most sought after in South Korea, but there is no data on North Korea (a gray dot between South Korea and China) this gulag without internet where even listen to South Korean radio can lead to closing in the camp.

To see the Veigo map, click here.

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