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Sport – Super Smash Bros Ultimate: «Conquering the États-Unis, c'est mon but»


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Meilleur joueur européen sur Super Smash Bros Ultimate, le Français William «Glutonny» Bellaid vient de passer a head signing with the Tricolor Solary structure. He will let him go on the American circuit but also the hexagonal scene to develop.

«You are coming from signing by Solary, why did you get this tag?
I did not go badly with solicitations but Solary got rid of a particular point: ils veilent sponsoriser tournaments in France, create a circuit and mettre Smash first on WebTV. It boosted the number of spectators, the people who were trying to invest, the community … Certaines equipos pouvaient peut-être propose plus sur le plan personnel, but I made a choix collectif.

It's time to leave you where you feel that what you have chosen is in the process of creating autour. Il y a un engouement très fort …
C'est exactamente ça. Ultimate To be a fan of fans, I still have a profitable experience, surfer sur cette vague pour faire connaître le jeu, develop the competauté compétitive, show that you are listening to all … Solary goes to a structurer tout cell.

Do you still want to try your chance at the American circuit?
Going on the moyens to leave abroad was an indispensable one. Solary has offered me a loan for a trip for the United States to participate in one or more tournaments. Just sit on the floor and move on and wait for a few hours to trap me. More performances in Europe did not allow me to get invitations to these competitions, but I was not interested. Conquering the United States, c'est mon but. The biggest community is the rule, which is essential for and is to become connaître. I need a professional job and you can not get it at this time. Avant Ultimate, I imagine it impossible for me to donner à fond sur Smash. You choose where I changed. Faire du jeu ma vie, c'est le plan. I'll test you for a year, what is the time to do it, I'm not going to regret it. Solary va m'aider.

That's who I switched in Smash 4 et Ultimate pour vous?
My name is Wario, this is a pretty good fortune now and it's going to change. South opus prior to my first years, they were ahead of remalers for more constant tournaments in Europe. Mr. Ultimate I have not lost any of his competitions. Aussi, but mentalité n'est plus la même que voy. Today I would like to restore positively in permanence to learn how to play a chaque match.

You are participating in Genesis 6 in Oakland (United States, plus 2000 registered, a record) from 1st to 3rd February, the premier tournament major in South Ultimate. Avec des ambitions?
Mon objetif est toujours le même: la victoire. Il y aura deux pequés tournois avant début du Genesis, I'm going to play, represent Europe, live where it is. Pour beaucoup d'Americans, where you will laugh. Quelque part ils ont raison, where I miss you Smash. Where did you hear the week-ends, you came across eight days ago. I am writing this, in the Genesis je suis tête de série 35. I was evaluated by report to Smash 4 What my personality is better than ever? So much pis, ça ne change pas grand-chooses. J'y vais pour casser des bouches dans les tous les cases. »

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