Saturday , October 1 2022

Stephane Pauwels's report on home invasion denies: Arrest in Spain


Different facts

Belgium is requesting Spain to hand over a suspect to a number of homes in the Mons, a federal prosecutor said on Friday.

He was arrested Wednesday in Torrevieja, Spain, in the Spanish region of Alicante, and appeared before the Spanish judicial authorities on Thursday, who decided to keep him in custody, according to Sudinfo's information, confirmed by the Federal Prosecutor's Office. The suspect, aged 33 and Jemappes, was already detained for part of an armed robbery, including an assault on Mirauk jewelry in Dour a few years ago. He managed to run away when the police tried to stop him in his home last January as part of the Hakimi Gang's domestic invasion.

The Office of the Federal Prosecutor's Office said that the arrest did not have a direct connection with the journalist Stephane Pauwels, a concern in the context of a home invasion in the home of a former girlfriend of the then.

The investigation found a suspect in southern Spain. Guardia Civil's research has confirmed that it has opened a snack at Torrevieja. An international arrest warrant has been sent to Spain. The Belgian delegation and a member of the Europol agency visited this site earlier this week. A few searches were performed on Wednesday afternoon without results. A man could be spotted early in the evening at home. During the attack he left on foot, but was quickly caught and controlled by the police.

The attacks took place under the money laundering component of the research, said Sudinfo. Among other things, this refers to an open buffet for snack, two apartments and a vehicle.

There are at least 26 domestic invasions and 16 people are arrested. It's released a few times. Boxer Farid Hakimi, suspected of being the leader of the gang, continues to hold on.

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