Monday , May 16 2022

Suarez reframes (in turn) Dembele: "You must be a little more responsible" – League of Nations


On the eve of France-Uruguay, Barcelona striker encouraged his young French colleague to take inspiration from the professionalism of some players from the Catalan club.

Ousmane Dembele (21 years old) criticizes the Spanish press for some delays and points to a lack of rigor and professionalism and can count on the elders to try to (re) put it in the right way.

"Examples of professionalism in Barcelona from which they can learn"

Luis Suarez

After his partner Barca Gerard Pikue – "We need to help him realize that football is a full-time work, 24 hours" – or Didier Deschamps repeatedly in the last few weeks– "She must be a little more careful. I do not despise that he understands that he has to improve these aspects "- this is Luis Suarez who prevailed on his younger convocation on Monday." Ousmane knows football is a privilege for every player. It may be necessary to focus more and be more accountable at certain points, "the Uruguayan striker said ahead of a friendly match against France in Stade de France.

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There are "examples of Barca's professionalism that he can rely on," Suarez added, referring to the French international, pointing out that there was no problem of integration into the Catalan dressing room. "The relationship with his colleagues is very good," Suarez said. "He will continue to learn, with that self-confidence in himself, which will allow him to succeed in Barcelona because he deserves to be there."

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