Sunday , May 9 2021

Test-Achats attacks the National Bank before the State Council attacks the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) before the State Council to see the increase in insurance premiums from DKV and Aka, writes L & Echo on Friday. The Consumer Protection Association wants to know on what basis NBB has approved the warning of both insurers.

An increase in the insurance premium is usually based on changes in the consumer price index. This principle has an exception: some insurers believe that health care costs are rising faster than the index, and in that case they can contact NBB to request a waiver and increase their premiums. In 2015, AKSA and DKV received such a waiver. Test-Achats has since struggled to find out what NBB used to justify this deviation. The National Bank is calling for a professional secret. The association, which advocates transparency, decided to bring the case before the State Council.

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