Thursday , December 9 2021

The apple in the morning is better and longer than coffee



If we had the energy to sell in the morning, we should change our habits a little …

A small cup of coffee (or a clean dish) is a well established habit early in the morning before we go to work. And often, amateurs continue in the morning and in the afternoon with espreses that "allow them to hold", "to be productive" by countering fatigue.

Except that too much coffee is not good for health and hinders the circadian rhythm in case of abuse.

There is, however, a simple alternative to awaken the body and encourage the spirit because it is not necessary for caffeine to stimulate the body most … And this alternative is an apple. Give some apples to eat in the morning that does not provide an ephemeral effect but real energy.

Indeed, caffeine present in the coffee (and absent from the apple) stimulates the senses, but does not give energy to the system. In the case of apples, natural sugars contained therein provide energy to the body for a long period, as our digester system slowly digests this fruit. And we are talking about the whole apple, not the juices that no longer contain fibers … It's best to eat organic, washed, but with the skin.

And good news, there is no side effect or unpleasant side effects like blinking palpitations or even headaches in the most severe cases. And by the way, cleanse your breath, unlike coffee!

D. В.

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