Tuesday , October 26 2021

The cost of the monarchy increases in 2021: this is what the Belgian pays a year


The costs of the monarchy have risen sharply this year. The state budget has been readjusted accordingly. The costs of the royal family were estimated at 37 million euros. Finally, 2.5 million will have to be added.

A significant increase, difficult to target, because the king’s civil list does not change, say our colleagues at SudPresse.

The three endowments granted to King Albert, Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent. We must look for this increase in the costs of the royal family. 15 and a half million for the safety of buildings and people.

More than 6 million for the maintenance of the palaces, more than 2 million to pay the soldiers who protect the family and a few hundred thousand euros still for official travel. This is all that drives the basic bill. Therefore, it will be necessary to pay 40 million for 2021. That is, 3 euros and 42 cents per capita.

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