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the Denis Delforge exhibition center, disassembling the wheel of fortune (photo + videos)


A few days ago, the city of Mons welcomed the success of the first spring festival. The wheel of fortune had even received about 10,000 visitors. Unfortunately, the holiday event ends tragically.

On Tuesday afternoon, a worker died during the disassembly operation. The rescue services arrived in number: the police, firefighters, paramedics … Unfortunately, they could do nothing to save the victim, a man who would be 38 years old. In fact, he fell several meters.

The labor court has already been informed of the facts. A substitute is on the site. Listeners of the scene can also be heard at the request of the auditor.

It is with a lot of emotion and sadness that the mayor and the community college learned about the death of Denis Delforge on Tuesday afternoon 30 while he disassembled the wheel he had installed at the Grand Place de Mons since April 5th.

Denis Delforge was an experienced and passionate showman for his work. It came from a great family of entertainers known and respected for everyone, throughout the country.

He had been preparing for his visit to Mons for several months and he was enjoying it. His presence in our city was also a great success and, rightly so, Denis Delforge was welcomed.

Denis Delforge
Denis Delforge – COM.

"On Sunday, Denis had said he was happy with his presence at Mons and we were already preparing new projects. He had the heart in his hand and had offered many places to the associations, especially for the disadvantaged children in the region Personally, I am very much affected by his death and extends my most sincere condolences and those of the community college to his family, which I know for a long time, "said Bourgmestre Nicolas Martin.

The parquet floor of Mons was going to fall to the place. An investigation was opened to determine the causes of the accident. At the moment, the thesis of the accident is preserved.

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