Wednesday , October 5 2022

"The economy, the exchange, is the heart of all things"


Michael Goodwin updates "Economix", his book of reference on the history of economy in comics.

A history of the comic economy, it was necessary to dare. However, "Economix, the first story of the comic economy"It has been one of the bestsellers of the American comic for more than 150,000 copies, the book is periodically updated and it is not the news that is missing." The appearance of economic systems to its theorizing, a Colbert for Friedman, ofAdam Smith for Piketty, Michael Goodwin decodes the main economic currents and the disorders that accompany them. "I started thinking about it in the 90's, where the liberal economy was dominant thinking, even more than today, I felt it was not the right solution, but I did not know why, and the more I studied the question, the more I wanted to do it, and I hope that readers keep something to ask about any dominant ideology. "


Rating: 4/5

Michael Goodwin and Dan Burr, The Arena, 336 p. 22.9 euros

It is a historical work, but very marked by your own vision of things.

Difficult to do it differently. I did not write against liberalism but against the generalization of this system. If you have three or four vendors of smartphones that dominate the market, it is not a free competition. In the United States, we have antitrust laws that impede these overly dominant positions. Even if it is not always effective, it shows that regulation can help and improve free competition.

Your book shows that the economy guides the world through history.

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I think that people have the natural need to improve their situation, have a cover, enough food, etc. Starting here, the economy, the exchange, is the heart of all things. Today, this is even more true. The economy can no longer be separated from the policy and vice versa.

The last edition of the book stops the debt crisis and its consequences. What could be the next chapter?

It is always difficult to see the historical tendency when you have your nose. I am not sure that the shared economy will be a revolution or simply the adaptation of the economic system we have known for years.

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